You can make use of separate FTP accounts to manage your content in case you’ve got several websites within the very same web hosting account. You can grant different individuals access only to specific directories, for instance – web designers or IT specialists from the company, and rest assured that they will not be able to connect to any other files or anything else in the website hosting account, as the FTP accounts have restricted access. Moreover, you can create and manage several different sites at the same time using a web design application such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage (since these apps make use of FTP to establish a connection to the server) and upload the website files both when you create them and when you modify them. A key part of doing these things is the possibility to create and manage your FTP accounts swiftly and easily.

FTP Manager in Cloud Hosting

All our cloud hosting packages come with a function-loaded, albeit simple-to-use FTP Manager tool, which will allow you to manage all the FTP accounts that you’ve got seamlessly. The tool is an essential part of our next-gen Hepsia hosting Control Panel and aside from creating and deleting accounts, you’ll be able to update the password associated with any active account with just two clicks. You can modify the access level for any given FTP account just as easily – you’ll just need to click on the access path associated with the account in question and then to pick the new directory. Also, you can download an auto-configuration file for several FTP clients and configure any of the FTP accounts on your personal computer simply by running that file. For simpler and better management, you can sort the accounts alphabetically on the basis of their access paths or their usernames.