We have designed a collection of Web Marketing Tools in your Control Panel for you to quite easily market your web sites on the Internet. Our sitemap generation tool will allow you to obtain a detailed sitemap of your website. Furthermore, you’ll be able to distribute that sitemap to the major search engines to scan your website. The RSS News tool will enable you to generate new content on your index page so you could get better chances to rise higher in search engine listings. Moreover, we’ve bundled a GeoIP redirection tool that will let you target your clients more accurately according to their physical location.

A Sitemap Generator

Obtain a sitemap with all your pages a click of the mouse

The fastest method of getting your recently released web site indexed by the search engines will be to submit a sitemap. The sitemap offers all of the web pages within your site and by posting it to a particular search engine, you tell it that you want those pages to get listed in a timely manner. Sitemaps are often created by third–party instruments. Nevertheless, with logicatech.biz, it is not necessary to navigate from the Control Panel. Our custom–built Sitemap Generator is included into the Advanced Resources part and will complete a sitemap for you in a click of the mouse.

All you need to do is opt for the top number of web pages you’ll want to be listed, the range of the indexed links along with the format of the sitemap report.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Redirect visitors based on their location

With the GeoIP redirection tool that’s integrated into the Domains Manager of the logicatech.biz Control Panel, you are able to route your clients based on their geographical location. For instance, in case you have several language versions of your web site, you can generate a certain language variation to instantly come up for users from the location where that language is spoken. By doing this, in case a customer from France opens your web site, she’ll be directly brought to the French variant, without needing to switch to French on her own. To make use of the GeoIP redirection application , you will not need any knowledge or technical capabilities. Just select the geographical location of the visitors and the URL of your site that you want to open for them automatically.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Showcase the latest headlines on your website

What exactly is RSS? RSS is a technique for posting and gathering information. It’s being frequently used by media web sites, individual weblogs, bulletins, etcetera. The posted content is quickly gathered from an RSS reader and then displayed to the user. Using RSS, clients will be able to acquire announcements from a wide range of sites and review them in one location.

Using the RSS News Syndication tool, you can quickly incorporate news feeds coming from many of the world’s most well liked information portals and showcase them within your web site.

RSS News