With logicatech.biz, you’ll have access to a really user–friendly website creator. It’s extremely uncomplicated and it features an interface that will be instantaneously familiar to everyone who has ever dealt with an admin portal. The website creator offers a variety of different site templates which you could change with just a mouse click and setup a website as you want. Last but not least, each site theme is fully responsive, so your new site will look really good on all devices from the very start.

The website creator is an integral part of the logicatech.biz Control Panel, available with all cloud packages, VPS web hosting packages, Linux semi-dedicated packages, and dedicated servers hosting packages.

A convenient–to–use website creator

No coding background is needed

The purpose of our website creator is to make site creation plain and to assist you develop a good–looking site without ever needing to pen even a single line of HTML, CSS, or another coding languages.

You are able to do all that by means of content blocks which you could add to every site theme and then modify and move around as you wish. Also, you can cut out the elements you no longer need with just a click. Should you want to make your site more modern–looking, you can instantly insert videos and photos, or even a discussion portal to it.

And everything operates smoothly.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of easy–to–re–design site designs

Amazing themes that look excellent across mobile devices

With the website creator, you will have access to quite a number of cost–free themes for all sorts of sites such as personal profiles, online shops, community boards, etc.

Every template will come in various designs and offers lots of color configurations. Plus, you will gain access to a large library of pre–made photos and will be able to select from well over a hundred fonts for your site. Every site template is developed to work across all mobile devices. In case you wish to replace a chosen website template, you will be able to do that with only a click. All of the pages and modifications you have made will be transferred over.

A set of easy–to–re–design site designs

In–built Help Center and step–by–step videos

Learn exactly how simple it actually is to jumpstart a website

The logicatech.biz’s website creator offers a help area which includes very detailed how–to articles and videos influenced by the most commonly asked questions by clients.

You will be able to watch how to change your site template and launch a new web page. In addition, you’ll be able to check out exactly how you can set another theme or maybe add a discussion board onto your website.

And don’t forget, you can make contact with us 24/7/365 in case you require real–time assistance with your site.

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